mac os 10.6, ports, postgresql, rvm and the pg gem

i hope i hit all the necessary keywords with the title so you can find this one on google. because if you, just like me, are switching to rvm on your mac os development environment and installed your postgresql via ports gem install pg will fail telling you, that you are missing the right headers. […]

phm_gallery a gallery generator for radiant

i created a nifty little radiant extension for some friends which helps you to create seo friendly galleries from file system folders and so i wanted to share it with you.

paperclip with more than 32.000 attachments

those of you who run their rails app with paperclip on a standard linux server and ever tried to save more than 32.000 attachments may know the problem. the saving of new files is shamefully refused with a meaningless error message.

migrating your app from mysql to psql the nice way

today i want to talk about something that might be of growing interest in the near future. how to get all your data from that dying old mysql database to your shiny new postgresql without all the heavy lifting?

saving ruby on rails attachments as blobs

today we want to speak about a rather controversial topic: saving your attachments for models as BLOBs into a SQL-database.